Adventure Diver

Started on December 1, 2020

If you are an Open Water Diver and you want to continue your adventure but don’t yet feel ready to complete the Advanced Open Water course, or don’t have the time, then becoming an Adventure Diver is the perfect next step for you, especially when you can do your diving among the colourful reefs of Dahab. This course is open to all Open Water and Junior Open Water divers aged 10 and above although younger participants may only be able to undertake certain dives. You should check this with your instructor.

Becoming an Adventure Diver means you gain additional skills and experience under the supervision of an instructor. There are no classroom sessions; you will get straight into the water after your instructor provides you with a full briefing and explanation of the dive you are about to undertake. 

The Adventure Diver course is wall to wall fun and stress-free. There are no compulsory dives for this certification. You simply have to choose 3 dives that you would like to learn more about from a list that your instructor will show you. Popular choices include:

  • Fish identification
  • Underwater naturalist
  • Boat dive
  • Night dive
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy
  • Wreck Dive
  • Plus many more potential choices on the list!

The course normally takes a maximum of two days to complete and can sometimes be achieved in a single day. You need to discuss this with your instructor who will take into account the logistics involved alongside the dives you have chosen to give you the best options.

Once you complete the Adventure Diver certification you are only a short step away from becoming an Advanced Open Water Diver. All you now need is to complete a further two adventure dives. Please note that for the Advanced Open Water certification you must complete the mandatory deep dive and navigation dive, so if these have not already been conducted during this Adventure Diver course then they will be the two dives you will undertake for your Advanced Open Water course.